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The Most Innovative Alternative InvestmentsPioneering New Prospectives

Institutional Asset Managers

Helping endowments, foundations, public plans, and pensions manage a more balanced portfolios, reduce risk, and build for long-term growth.

Wealth Managers, RIAs and Advisors

Helping wealth managers, private banks and RIAs strengthen their client's portfolio to provide income and growth and enhance their practice.

Family Office Asset Allocators

Helping single and multi-family offices optimize a multi-asset portfolios, participating in exciting investments while manage risk and volatility.

Our Vision

We specialize in innovative financial products designed to revolutionize Alternative Investments. Our contra-market strategy and robust investment thesis “de-risk” private markets. By challenging conventions and embracing opportunities others overlook, we unlock hidden value and generate superior returns. Our commitment to mitigating risk and reshaping perceptions ensures transparency and stability. Join us to embark on a journey merging groundbreaking strategies with unwavering integrity, where innovation meets security and extraordinary returns await.

Bruno Quatrini

Vice President, COO

Michael "Q" Quatrini

Chairman & CEO

Welcome to Capital Q®

We Aim To Be The Best Fund Manager In The World

Our Investors remain interested in our alternative funds, because they recognize our non-traditional approach, with traditional strengths to responding to market opportunities.

Our Funds

Why Invest in our Alternative Investments?

Because alternatives tend to behave differently than typical public equity and bond investments, adding them to a portfolio may help to lower volatility, provide broader diversification, and enhance returns.

Capital Q® Business Development Company

A Full-Stack Venture Capital BDC. 

Medical Investment Solutions LLLP

Investments in Medical Facilities throughout the South East.

Galo Specialty Fund LLLP (Closed)

Investment in the Globalizations of International Football (Soccer).

Alternatives rely less on public market trends and more on the strength of each specific investment; hence, adding alternatives can potentially reduce the overall risk of a portfolio.

How We Work

Leading an Experienced Invest Management Team

Since alternative fund managers’ skills are honed over time, there’s no substitute for experience. We possess specific skill sets that drive above market risk-adjusted returns in our Funds.

Track records are important too—especially during and after market crises. It’s imperative to get comfortable with a manager’s level of investment conviction and discipline. We will stick to our guns in terms of research, investment approach and due diligence processed and never take shortcuts.

Trusted by Investors & Advisors all over the World

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Our Strategies

Part of Your Overall Investment Plan

Making an investment plan involves more than just choosing a few stocks to put money in. You have to consider your current financial situation and your goals for the future.

We have Fund Strategies that fit important portfolio needs

The most common types of alternative investments are: hedge funds, private equity, private debt, venture capital and real estate, and our funds encompass many investment benefits. 

Six Benefits of Capital Q® Alternative Investments
  1. Uncorrelated to the Stock Market
  2. Lack of Volatility
  3. Direct Ownership
  4. Direct Tax Benefits
  5. Strong Income
  6. Passive Investments

For Growth & Income

Capital Q® Business Development Company

For Income

Medical Investment Solutions LLLP

A Commitment to Excellence in Wealth Growth

Empowering Your Financial Future

At Capital Q®  Ventures Inc., we deeply value the trust our customers place in us. In this video, we showcase our unwavering dedication to not only meet but exceed your financial aspirations. 

We vow to harness innovative strategies and our collective expertise to grow your wealth responsibly and sustainably. Because at Capital Q® , your success is the cornerstone of everything we do.

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