Thanks, American Airlines!

American Airlines used to bill itself as “Something special in the air.,” and it was. It was the first airline to offer curbside check-in. The first with computerized reservations. It invented the frequent-flier program and came up with our current yield management concept, with the deeply discounted Super Saver fares to fill empty seats on its planes.

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But, here is an example of an employee who personally takes his company to the next level and created that “something special”.  These two napkins were handed to me and Bruno Quatrini, my son and CAPQ’s Senior Analyst, from the flight attendant at the end of a recent business trip, (American Airlines flight 2314 DFW-MCO). This flight attendant (David) incidentally provided memorable top-notch service and was impeccably dressed and truly proficient at his job. It should also be noted that this was the fourth of four AA flights on this particular trip and the worse equipped plane.

And, unfortunately traveling during this dreaded COVID-19, with travel policies making it even more difficult for any airline worker to present exemplary service with a smile.

We also thought it was interesting that each was handwritten and they were not the same messages to each of us.

It always makes me pause a moment given the fact that our employees are on the front line in the battle for market share. Either through training or through just good hiring, the best way for a company to show they are “something special” is to find the right folks willing to “be something special”.

…Thanks American Airlines!

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