Life at CAPQ

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Capital Q Ventures is committed to transforming the workplace by moving the “work to the workers” instead of the “worker to a workplace” through our alternative workplace  program we call Office Flexibility Initiative (OFI).  Through OFI we intend to be among the many organizations pioneering  — a combination of ever-evolving communication technology, non-traditional cloud-based team sharing practices, flexible conference and meeting settings, and locations that we supplement with distinctive shared, open, and virtual office locations. We envision OFI and its policies transforming our company into the premier alternative work environment, which concentrates on the “work to be done” rather than “time at a job,” which we believe successfully assists our employees in being more prolific and gratified in their work while allowing complete flexibility in their project and task management.  

“Through OFI, we feel this allows us to attract talented people throughout the country and has the potential to increase productivity.”

 What motivates us to re-examine how people spend their time at the office and where else they might prefer to work? 

The most obvious reason is both productivity and cost improvement for us and our team. We estimate a 30% occupancy cost improvement for us —by eliminating mandatory attendance, office spaces people don’t need, and consolidating other spaces into shared workstations. We also intend on reducing stress and related employee costs and expenses related to commuting to the office.

We believe employees in our OFI tend to devote less time and energy to typical office routines and more to CAPQ’s missions and goals.  

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