It’s not rudeness it’s chutzpah!

The 6 rules of successful startups

It is not difficult to recognize that Israel has one of the highest concentrations of startups and business innovation globally and is also one of the world leaders in research and development. The reason behind their success might be closely related to their culture and way of thinking called “chutzpah” (pronounced “huts·puh”) which is an unvarnished, bold, can-do, audacious attitude. Not to mention a culture of self-reliance that comes at an early age, according to Jewish law, when a boy turns 13 years old, he becomes a man accountable for his actions and becomes a bar mitzvah.

No matter if you are Jew or Gentile here are some lessons that seem to be present in their unique startup culture:

1. Challenging reality -This is a state of mind in which you realize that the current solutions are not good enough and trust that you can find a competitive advantage that is a better, faster and more efficient solution.

2. Dominate the market category you are in – If you wish to succeed you must aspire to lead the market category you’re in whether it is offering a better solution or creating a new category or sub-category.

3. Envision the future – There are always new needs to be met, and constant changes that require innovation, you need to have a hypothesis of where the market is going in order to be prepared.

4. The market needs it – If your startup is offering visionary solutions to new or impending problems, it might take a while for customers to realize their own needs but once they do, you’ll have the solution for them.

5. Change the rules – Rules can be bent and that’s what chutzpah seems to be all about, you don’t necessarily need to follow a strict pattern or the rules of the past.

6. Seeing is believing – It is important to validate your project and provide living proof of what your product and service can do in order to have better chances to get customers…and also investors.

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