CAPQ launches a new Sub-advisor Agreement with BRS Financial as well as Family Office outsourcing Solutions to its Investors.

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Orlando, Florida, December 14, 2020, Capital Q Ventures (“CAPQ”), a leading alternative investment specialty hedge fund manager and the architect of the Tri-Party Venture Fund®, has announced a sub-advisory agreement with Little Rock, Arkansas based BRS Financial, a multi-family office wealth management firm which touts a process built around the coupling of generational family office management, financial planning, and asset management.

“We view these components as inseparable in the prosperous multi-generational and financial success of high-net-worth investors. That is our goal: To help BRS Financials’ family office clients achieve success in all aspects of their finances and we believe adding key alternative investments, such as Tri-Party Venture Funds® to their platform will help their Registered Investment Advisors achieve their clients’ long-term goals.” says Michael “Q” Quatrini Capital Q Ventures, President and CEO.  

The companies will operate as separate business unit operations.  BRS Financial will begin offering Tri-Party Venture Funds® to its investors, with its family office services to be accessible to CAPQ’s team of wholesalers, which is being expanded to accommodate these new offerings.  CAPQ initial funds mandates’ will be launched to BRS Financial investors through its Galo Specialty Fund LLLP and Medical Investment Solutions LLLP, two of its newest Tri-Party Venture Funds® which are non-correlated, non-diversified targeted strategies, associated with “best-of-breed” Venture Partners, who have been in business operations for over 25-years with proven investment strategies over 10-years, and which were hand-selected by CAPQ. This will allow family officed clients, to invest in the Tri-Party Venture Funds® as the master solution for their respective needs, at the same time allowing asset managers to take advantage of an additional gathering channel for their alternative investment strategies. Alternative offerings, such as National Restaurant Brands LLLP and Hospitality Investment Solutions LLLP will be announced and made available in 2021.

This is a natural evolution of CAPQ´s business model as the company has invested in boosting its alternative investment services through family offices since its inception. Through this new family office service offering, clients will be able to take full advantage of the tools available through BRS Financial, in particular its front-to-back generational wealth management and business succession system, with alternative investments coming from CAPQ.

CAPQ has identified the need to support its family office clients to optimize their novel closed-end fund architecture and to outsource part of their family office investment value chain – from portfolio construction to full implementation – in the current market and regulatory context. On the fund side, these services will continue to help their placement partners navigate the distribution landscape.

With this new service, CAPQ will provide clients a one-stop-shop to access their family office management needs. This will allow for greater flexibility in future Venture Partner selection as well as improved investor data collection and monitoring.

Justine E. Tobin, CEO of Tobin & Company Securities, is managing CAPQ’s team of investment professionals to bring these offerings to the market. The current team, with a solid domestic presence and strong governance, will be further enhanced with new profiles being created in the firm’s product management as well as multi-asset/multi-manager portfolio expertise.

Michael “Q” Quatrini, Capital Q Ventures CEO said,

“We are delighted to announce our plans to work with BRS Financial to expand Capital Q Ventures Family Office Solutions through a sub-advisory agreement to our clients. Capital Q Ventures has always been close to our clients and we understand the new challenges they face in today´s market. Capital Q Ventures is ideally placed to offer such solutions at a large scale and in an efficient way, offering independence from both the distribution and fund operations side.”

About Capital Q Ventures,

Capital Q Ventures specializes in Capital Partnerships with Companies in need of Venture Capital and supporting the “BDCs” and “Tri-Party Venture Funds®” that serve them. Capital Q Ventures was founded with a simple vision of serving the financial needs of companies while enriching our investors and promoting the “entrepreneurial spirit” in our communities. We will never stop believing that serving entrepreneurs, serving investors, and serving our communities are mutually exclusive pursuits.  From the very beginning, we were committed to the success of our Venture Partners and deliver the resources that inspire them, their employees, families, and communities. We put the full weight of our resources, fund advisors, management team, and selected investors behind our portfolio companies. And we’re results-driven! We not only expect future benefits in the form of positive returns on investments, but we also want to work with honest people who have a vision of the future in which we want to live in. While returns may consist of capital gains and investment income, including dividends, interest, and other income, we also believe in improving the lives of all the people we encounter professionally.

About BRS Financial

Through BRS family of companies, they provide a comprehensive suite of advisory and consulting services to their highly successful clients. These services fall under three categories. Consultation, including business succession planning, investment banking, and real estate development. Risk management and fixed products, including insurance and annuities. And wealth management under its Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, BRS Financial, LLC.


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